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Stand out in the selection for the vacancy

Currently, getting a new placement is not a very easy task. In addition to the natural increase in competition, the slow recovery of the economy is another factor that does not cooperate. Therefore, in the process of dispute for the vacancy, it is best to err as little as possible. Know, now, how to increase your chances and succeed in standing out from the other candidates and creating a strong and tough professional career.

Unemployment has been increasing and you do not want to join the queue, right? Then write down some tips to get away from this situation and have a winning career.

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1 – Discover how to be “employable”

Start by staying always up to date. With fierce competition, those who generate the best results ensure their place in the sun. The shortest route to this is to acquire knowledge and keep up to date. In addition, an extension course in your area, such as a graduate, for example, to deepen your specific knowledge, can make your resume stand out and leave your competitors behind.

2 – Beware of exposure generated by social networks.

Always be selective with what you post and share on the networks, as this is beneficial to your life and professional career. Social networks bring the possibility of being known by a person we do not know. Like this, HR professionals use this resource to learn a little more about the behavior of candidates and you do not want to miss an opportunity because of unthinking parties or comments, correct?

3 – A great career needs adaptation to the market

Contrary to the above tip, strengthening a good network of contacts can be decisive for an indication, for example. Therefore, sympathy, goodwill and the creation and maintenance of positive relationships with people who can be a bridge to success, without this being their only interest.


gerador de curriculo

This means that this relationship should not be only when you’re in need of that little push or something. Otherwise, the effect may be the opposite of the desired and your growth goal and later professional career may not happen.

The labor market is constantly changing and adapting to reality is a great virtue in the business world. Reading media-related books, chatting with professionals and friends, and searching the internet can reveal good opportunities or, on the contrary, prevent big time investment mistakes, for example.

4 – Risk Safely

Finding the right opportunity is key to a professional career, however, be aware of a bad investee as well. In addition, excessive e-mail with resumes can tarnish your reputation and end any possibility of a spot in the company.

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5 – Be aware of what you are looking for

And finally have a goal outlined. Good opportunities come more easily to who knows what they are looking for. The ill-will or lack of excitement with an opportunity is evident and a trained HR professional easily perceives, eliminating a candidate like that, who will not perform with the claw that the company needs.

Knowing what one is looking for requires self-knowledge and this presents itself in the answers given as much as questioned. The search for opportunities that do not fit your profile will only bring negatives, frustrations and mediocre professional careers. Be aware of this and focus on something that has to do with you.

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Stand out in your professional career with these tips!

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