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How to Make a Top Resume in 3 Minutes

Learn How to Make a Curriculum Step by Step:

The How to Make a Curriculum form can contribute in a way that the Candidate can be called to your job or … this opportunity can be missed.

The curriculum should draw the attention of the HR analyst. When it comes to how to do it, everything will depend on the candidate completing the curriculum in the correct way.

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Hi, I’m Marina Silva, HR analyst. And in this article you’ll learn how to make a really good resume, in the right way, in just 3 minutes using a pre-existing curriculum template.

As a location guide, use the list below to access the top topics of the article and make the most of our tips and practical examples.

What do you need to have on a resume?

  1. Title – what to write
  2. Photo – put or don’t put
  3. Personal and Contact Information – what do you need
  4. Documents – what and when
  5. Professional Objective – ready examples
  6. Professional Experience – what to put
  7. Extra Courses– what to put
  8. Languages – how to write
  9. Academic Formation – how to write
  10. Resume Profile – exemples
  11. Presentation Letter– How to make
And a very special tool, the resume generator. A very handy way of how to do a resume in a few minutes getting the desired end result 10 note in an automated way!

Before you start, how about downloading a template?

How about downloading a curriculum vitae template ready here. That way you can just fill out the resume and do not create it from scratch.

Let’s go!

It’s very simple. But do everything with great attention, because it is these few minutes of dedication that can help the candidate to get your job of quality!


gerador de curriculo

We will begin with the most basic, but not the least, title of the curriculum. Following this we will follow a sequence of 7 more topics!

Learn how to make a resume title

Avoid writing the word “resume” in the title, use your name instead.

Do not put the word “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae” in the title. The word “Curriculum” is the name of the document. But this need not be written on the sheet, it is unnecessary to do so. After all, the candidate is sending this document to the company in search of the new job. The HR professional also knows that the candidate seeks this job. There is no need to write the word “Curriculum”. What should the candidate write in the title then? Write your name on the first line.

The cruel doubt: put or not put the profile photo?

Yes, always try to put the photo on the resume, but not any photo, be presentable!

The photo is not required, but it is important for the photo in the CV. Your photo can show more safety to the HR analyst. Always use a very presentable photo. No clothes thrown up and sloppy looks. Make a good impression!

Contact information for the company to speak with you

Enter phone (whatsapp), e-mail also preferably. Whoever forgets that loses his seat …

It sounds like a joke, but every day people forget about phone and email and simply miss the spot. So always remember how to do: cell phone and email are basic, can not miss.

What documents are needed in the curriculum?

Do not inform your ID numbers, in the hiring process they will ask you. In the curriculum do not forget to put CNH and the category!

As a rule, no ID Number should be reported in the curriculum. Just inform that the person has CNH, for example, next to the category. There are some companies and some top positions that require the ID number. If you are unsure how to do it, ask the company first. These documents are usually required only at the time of hiring if the candidate is approved.

The importance of the professional objective

The professional objective should be quick to read and logically objective, an example: “I wish to be part of the company group X and act in the X area”

If it is your first job, use a generic phrase such as “I am willing to collaborate on what it takes to succeed your business …”. If the position is specific, the person may use a more targeted phrase similar to this: “I want to work on Web Management to increase the financial result and customer satisfaction of the company.” That’s the right way for how the candidate who wants to learn how to do good curriculum vitae can actually do it.

How to make professional experience

Always list the most recent to the oldest if you find it important. Tip: List experiences that “get married” to the job you are looking for.

Inicie a lista de experiências profissionais, como sempre do trabalho mais recente ao mais antigo. Seja direto: cite a Empresa, Cargo, mês e ano de entrada e de saída de cada emprego.

Start the list of professional experiences, as always, from the most recent to the oldest work. Be direct: cite the Company, Position, month and year of entry and exit of each job.

How do I do the training part, languages and courses correctly?

Understand that there is a right way to build a good CV targeted at the company.

Same tip: Always list the most recent ones on top. If the interested party has dozens and dozens of courses and is in doubt as to how to choose, list only those courses that have to do directly with the vacancy as desired. Listing too many courses in multiple segments may sound bad: the HR analyst can understand that the person is lost professionally and is not sure how to do the CV. So stay focused.

Bonus tool: Resume generator


How to make a resume with a resume generator

Another practical way to do is the generator. That’s the most valuable tip. Understand How to Make a Good Resume by Using this Online CV Generator. The Curriculum Vitae Model site has this fantastic practical resume generator and at the same time powerful rapid creation of excellent CV. Access the Curriculum Vitae Generator now. It’s free.

Top curriculum in 3 minutes is like a recipe!

How to make a top resume in 3 minutes

We hope you have enjoyed learning how to prepare a resume in a few moments, containing high quality, guaranteeing the best chances for the interested party to get a good job.

Let’s now summarize what you learned in this article:

How to make a top resume

If you still have questions about how to do or do not have that provision, try the Access Now Curriculum Generator (link above) you can also choose to download curriculum templates ready to fill out.

Good luck with your new job. For more tips and questions on how to make a resume use the comments below. Do not forget to share!

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